What God Has For Me

Let no man take away!

My creativity comes in waves. Sometimes I can’t wait to share with the world what my wildest manifestation conjures up. But then….. there are times….I sit still. I lost my dad last year and I struggled to find my creative voice afterwards. It was also in the midst of this storm, God gave me a clear vision for the next phase in my life.

I appreciate the love and support for this website. This website was created to celebrate women in our community who may not have 5 million followers or a household name. This website was created to give value and a voice to those who may have felt their work was unnoticed. But we see you Sis! And we are proud of you. I appreciate every single person who took the time to allow me to tell their story. God just expanded this vision.

I started a nonprofit organization while “sitting still”. The AYA Collective, Inc ™ is a service organization dedicated to community building through resource sharing. We are a group of doers committed to impacting our surrounding communities by providing a service with the very talents God gave us. Whether our talent is to lead a financial literacy workshop, assist a job seeker in resume building, be an accountability partner on the road to wellness, or share our journey to homeownership; we believe with each small interaction we can make a major difference. If you are in the Atlanta area or would like join, donate your time and/or resources, please contact us: info@theayacollective.org

With God’s grace, I will continue to spotlight amazing women within our communities on this blog. The AYA is just a way to take this focus offline and into our local communities. I will also continue looking for guest bloggers! If interested: twistedcurlycool@gmail.com.

God has a calling over my life as He does for you. Keep fighting sis. We are in this together!


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