Catch this Wakanda Fever or Catch These Cyber Hands!

On Dora Milaje

Let me preface this by saying I love majority of Marvel movies. So OF COURSE I am an honorary member of the Panther tribe. I have probably read every write-up, analysis, and opinion piece regarding the movie and its characters. I find myself passing time during lunch laughing at  Wakanda tweets and memes. I love sharing my interpretation of the movie and hearing other honorary tribe members interpretation as well. And then there are……….the others.

What are you celebrating? Its not even a Black Film

Who. Hurt. You? No, seriously. How do you take something so powerful and turn it into something so negative. Do I think we all are supposed to enjoy the same things and share the same opinions about various forms of art? Absolutely not! But let folk have their moment.  Let folk have something! Let. People. Aspire.

If no one else feels you, I do. I am a proud HBCU alumna (October 3, 1887). I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods and I still bought my home in Southwest Atlanta….on purpose! I enjoy the scholarly writings of Cheikh Anta Diop. I still skim through the tattered pages of my Marcus Garvey’s Message to the People. I have yet to finish the movie Rosewood because it makes my nerves mad. And I still can’t stand Mista for what he did to Celie.  But I also understand that we are a diverse group of people.  I legit enjoy Kendrick on some days and Project Pat on others. Some of us are “woke” and some of us are just as efficient with a nice nap here and there.

I’m going to need you guys to have this same energy about the REAL Africa

Just stop! STOP IT!  STAHP!

There is someone right now who was so inspired by Black Panther, they researched the colonization of the Mother Continent’s people, resources, and land.  There’s someone so fascinated by the language, they googled the history and are currently learning basic words and phrases in isiXhosa . People are learning about powerful all-women warriors, peacemakers, and leaders inspired by their love for the Dora Milaje. People are placing their Essence Festival vacay on hold to finance their first vacation to the homeland. Let. People. Be. Great.

Yes! We know Wakanda is a fictional place. But so was Hillman. Can we deny the generational impact this “fictional college” had on HBCU enrollment? Let Okoye serve as this generation’s Lieutenant Uhuru.  Let these young babies see their brown skin as powerful leaders, warriors, healers, scientist, engineers.  Let. People. Dream. You never know where someone’s dream may take us within the next 10, 20, or 50 years.


Black Panther was an exhilarating break. And I refuse to hide my love for such an exceptional movie.  And yes, A Wrinkle in Time got next for the Morris Clan.

On Dora Milaje

Wakanda Forever


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