Three Simple ways to Travel with Friends (and keep them in your prayer circle afterwards)

Anybody have a few dollars I can borrow?

Fortunately, this is not a story about being owed money. This is about how to identify when a travel situation is not as promising as it sounds. There are always warning signs before a natural disaster. Use that same inkling when you are traveling or planning a trip with a group of people. Particularly, if it’s a small group that includes friends of friends. I will spare you all the details of my recent trip gone bad- sparking this article topic- and, instead, give you identifiers so that you can avoid “Tina’s 2018 New Year in Cancun”.

Travel with People who Plan Ahead

LISTEN! If you are invited on a trip….less than a month to the date….during a worldwide holiday… a popular destination….and no one has reserved ANYTHING yet…..kindly decline. If you ignore this most obvious sign, as did I, please watch out for “One or two other people may be coming”. Have you ever tried to plan for a small group trip with some “possibles”? It’s Impossible!!

Collect all deposits UP FRONT

“I’m going to pay tomorrow”.  Which becomes tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then next week. I don’t mind when you pay for your individual tabs late (slack on). But to slack on group transfers and group lodging??? Now that’s just plain disrespectful! Of course I ignored all of that and we missed every single budget-practical deadline and Jamaica became Cancun which became Playa Del Carmen.   Please travel with people who PAY on time!

Travel with an Itinerary

On rare occasions can you travel with strangers without an itinerary. And by rare, I mean seeing pigs fly, type rare. Itineraries are like travel laws. When the group can’t collective decide on the next order of business, that law…I mean itinerary is there to get you all back on track at the same time. Nothing is worse than getting to a destination and being stuck with a bunch of, “I don’t know”, “I don’t care”, “I don’t want to do that”, and my favorite, “I didn’t expect it to be that much, anybody have a few dollars I can borrow?”.

After doing more side-eyeing in one day than I’ve done in my entire (post yogi) life, I decided day two, forward would be different. I gathered my plus one and we continued on an exciting, adventurous, stress-free, group-free journey into 2018. Being able to travel the world is an amazing gift so you must protect it like you protect your peace. You don’t want to miss out on a unique experience so hopefully some of these warning signs can protect you from being a victim of allowing any and everybody along for the ride.


Albertina is an Engineer by profession and a life enthusiast by passion. This free-spirit adventurer takes pride in accomplishing her dreams and fearlessly attacking new challenges. You can contact her via email

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