The Top Five Ridiculous Fitness Fads That Need to Go

You already know what time it is. The weather is getting warmer. Some of us have been working hard on our #summerbody, some of us got a little sidetracked. But that’s ok. Usually this time of year we check in on those New Year’s resolutions we set a while back. How close are you to your goals?

The great thing about deadlines, is that if you don’t reach them by the date on your calendar, all you need to do is simply move the date. Weight loss and overall health is found in consistent effort. But it seems that every year, many of us get suckered into the allure of quick results. Super-charged weight loss is never enduring, and it could even be dangerous. A healthy body is what we’re after. Keep this forever in your mind. I’ve compiled a list of the fads to avoid this season.

Waist trainers. I see a lot of women sporting these at the gym and even (clutch the pearls!) grocery store. There’s only two ways to train your waist, ab workouts and diet. Just don’t do it.

Slimming teas. While made of natural ingredients, abusing these teas is most unnatural. Most teas contain an ingredient called Senna. It is a plant that when ingested, it helps with constipation and to clear the bowels. Common side effects are cramps, diarrhea and abdominal pain. When taken at high doses or for prolonged periods, the bowels can cease to function normally altogether.

Master Cleanse a.k.a. Cayenne and Lemon. Blame it on Beyoncé. Ok, before you stone me to death, let me clarify. The singer used this to cleanse her body somewhere circa 2005-06 around the time she was filming Dreamgirls. Somehow, this got misconstrued as a replacement for actual food. The detox benefits are great, but it is not a long-term solution to weight loss.


Extreme dieting. No one has ever survived a crash diet and lived to tell the tale. They either rebound, gaining the weight back and then some, or do serious damage to their organs. Our bodies need good fuel to walk, dance, jump and function properly. Cutting calories back so far that they can’t sustain your activity can lead to fainting, menstrual issues, and brain function loss. We need colorful vegetables, good fats and lean protein to live.

Diet Pills. Remember what Nancy said? “Just say no” All things sold in a drug store are not necessarily healthy for you. Diet pills that promise rapid weight loss usually deliver the jitters due to the high caffeine content, light headedness and overload your liver with toxins. Do yourself a solid. Instead of the diet pill, get yourself a good multivitamin. It’s the one thing you can take every day that will actually balance out your body by giving you the nutrients you need but may not yet be getting from food. Throw in a fish oil pill while you’re at it, it promotes irresistibly soft skin, hair that is less prone to breakage, and supports your brain. Some even say it helps with PMS.


At the end of the day, it’s your body, your mahogany masterpiece.  Treat it well. Drink lots of water. Buy yourself a new cookbook or take a healthy cooking class. Move your body and get a little sweaty for at least 30 minutes three times a week. Do your squats. The booty will thank you for it. And if you aren’t already, mediate, journal or do anything that quiets the brain for a few minutes each day.

Erin Green-Astone is an entrepreneur, mom, wife and part-time blogger. She owns and operates a website for women you are fun, fit and fierce.

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