Self-Care: Protecting Your Peace

“The best things in life are free” 

Whether it was your grandmother who shared this tidbit of wisdom or whether you learned it in the music of Sam Cooke or Luther and Janet; this saying, is one that has been touted as an invaluable life lesson.  I partly agree.  I say partly because during my experience on this journey called life, I have realized that one of my “best things” was not free at all.  In fact, the one thing that I have found to be a very valuable part of who I am and who I help my children grow to be, was very expensive and has taken years for me to receive and protect.


What is it? My peace.


 You see, I wasn’t born into it as part of lineage.  It wasn’t a nice, sweet sixteen gift all bedazzled with bows and glitter.  It wasn’t a part of the here’s how to survive adulthood package that came at age 21. (I’m still waiting on this one.) Nor, was it wrapped snugly in the blankets of my children as they entered the world announcing my stardom and continuance into motherhood.  I mean, my kids are cute or whateva, but no gift of peace.  You see, it took years, tears, heartaches, heartbreaks, setbacks and setups for me to come to the realization that there will always be things that I cannot control.  Even more, I had to understand that in the end of all things, what will be will be.  What was for me would be for me.


Lightbulb!  The time that I spent worrying and stressing was unnecessary and as I found out, did not change any situation or any person.  Sis, when I came to this understanding….. WOW!!!   It is as if time stopped and instantly I was on the banks of the Pacific ocean sipping rum and laughing at all of Kofi Siriboe’s jokes. (Let me be great!)  In that moment, I experienced that thing that calmed storm waters.  The thing that gives comfort during trials.  The one thing that makes you smile while navigating the unknown.  The thing that one man endured torture and died for so that I could experience it.  Peace. Yassssss!!!!


What an amazing space to exist, breathe and grow in!  To be in a place where no matter what goes on around me or to me, nothing could disrupt me or my peace.  My sister, if you have not found this place of serene being… Your shaded spot on the beach (with someone other than Kofi); I urge you to stop, relate and release!  Let go of everything that you cannot control. Release relationships and situationships that you have allowed to haze your spirit.  Love people where they are and keep moving!




Today, CHOOSE to accept the gift of Peace. Understand its Power.  Realize its Importance. Grow in its Presence.  But most of all… Protect It!
Go Sis!


Kenyatta Stubbs is a mompreneur, motivator and lover of all things life, music, love and laughter. She finds joy in inspiring others, through blogging and social media, as they find and enjoy their journey to peace, health and wellness.  She is building a brand, pursuing her purpose and embracing every experience along the way.  You can follow her on IG @yaddamusik.

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