For my Sistas: Mother’s Day Edition


Being a mom has to be one of the most rewarding roles in my life. Having one boy and one girl gives me insight into both worlds.  With motherhood comes great responsibility. Hubby and I believe it is our responsibility to show our children “It’s possible”. There is no better way to do this than by example. I humbly serve as their blueprint.  I am so blessed to have positive male energy in my life especially my incredible husband and 6 year old son. But on Mother’s Day, I am always reflective of the fascinating women God chose for me.

I have an amazing tribe of women which includes sisters, aunts, friends, cousins, etc. But their are 4 amazing women in particular: my Grandmother (Mimi), my Mom, my Daughter, and my Sister.  These special ladies have always made it clear that I can never fall short as long as they are by my side. I can talk to my MiMi about anything and I live by her words of wisdom. My mom is the definition of ride or die. I can sell 2 legged dogs on the side of MLK and she’s going to make a sales pitch to her friends to buy one.

My sister is  my best friend. She gets me! We can talk about how institutional racism affects asset wealth within the black community or rap our favorite  2 Chainz verse LITERALLY 3 minutes later.   But, it is my 5 year old daughter who I look to for support the most. I am her first role model as a woman. She will first view the world through my eyes.  As she grows older, she will begin to develop opinions of her own. So I strive to be a woman she is proud of and an example of who she can aspire to be!

With all of that being said, I say Happy Mother’s Day Tribe! And for those who have an influential presence in someone’s life, this day is for you as well. We honor our ancestors and those influential around us for the wisdom, sweat, and tears poured into us. We love you! We adore you! We aspire to be you! There were times you felt you had nothing.  Yet you still managed to give your children EVERYTHING.  For that, you are appreciated and celebrated.

Even if you haven’t given birth, don’t minimize the difference you have made in someone’s life. Whether you are an aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, or volunteer with an organization; we appreciate your efforts in molding and shaping a young person’s life. 
 Sistas, during this celebration of you, take time to reflect upon what you have accomplished. But also remember there is always room for growth even as a Mother. Continue to pass along wisdom through guidance as your children’s reference point. Continue influencing, encouraging, and nurturing your children. Speak life and prosperity over your children. Be conscious of not passing along insecurities the world transferred to you. Love them for who they are and not who you want them to be. 
This Mother’s Day is for you. You are worthy of celebration. You did it. You are doing it! Day by Day. Step by Step. Minute by Minute. Happy Mother’s Day Sis! You are appreciated.
With Love,


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