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    After the Lunar New Year holidays, the women’s ranking for the 2018-2019 Dodram V-League has become even more confusing. This is because all three teams’ points from second to fourth have the same score as 43. With six games left in each team, the direction of the playoffs has yet to be decided, and the playoffs are going unnoticed. an increasingly exciting woman They put their stories together by team.

    (The standard is Feb. 5-10). All records as of 11 days)
    Heungkuk Life, which is the most stable player in the women’s league this season, also failed to overcome its tight schedule. Heungkuk Life Insurance had a full-set match with IBK on the 4th and had a away match in Gimcheon just two days after The result was a complete 0-3 defeat.

    The match on the 4th was as fierce as it was the first and second place. Heungkuk Life saved the mood by grabbing the game after five close sets, but fell on its knees under physical strain.

    Both Jupo Tomsia and Lee Jae-young did not perform normally. Tomsia scored 12 points, 26 percent for offense, followed by Lee with 10 points and 23.81 percent for success. Both ace players were sluggish and couldn’t play the game properly. It is a day when not only the two players but also the players in general were slow to move.

    Among them, Lee Ju-ah, a rookie, was one of the best players in the Lee scored eight points, including three blockings. In particular, the three blockings were impressive. Apparently, he was still young, but his feet looked lighter than the other players.

    After the game, coach Park Mi-hee said, “The players’ feet have not moved.” It was a demonstration of the difficulties caused by the urgent schedule.

    As competition for rankings is fierce, we cannot guarantee the top spot yet. At the moment when the season is going to the end, consecutive losses. The team is aiming for a victory hunt again in the next game.

    next week’s notice
    On the 13th, vs. GS Caltex (Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul)

    The next player to Heungkuk Life is GS Caltex. GS Caltex is currently ranked second, and the game is also directly linked to a ranking battle. This season, Heungkuk Life Insurance is inferior to GS Caltex, with one win and three losses. The last face-to-face match was defeated by a score of 0-3 on Jan. 2. The relative blocking-the defensive line failed to break through. If the team loses in a row ahead of the last six rounds of the season, the atmosphere of the team could be unusual. In terms of Heungkuk Life Insurance, victory is needed in many ways.

    The second, third and fourth places were all tied with 43 points, while the second place was GS Caltex. GS Caltex finished second, ahead of Korea Highway Corporation in third place.

    Even in winning games, GS Caltex’s weakness in losing matches lies in its central line. Kim Yu-ri and Kim Hyun-jung’s middle blokker lines are rather slow-footed and slow-moving. In both games, GS Caltex Middle Blokker was defeated in both offense and blocking. In particular, Hyundai Engineering & Construction allowed 30 offensive points (21 points for Yang Hyo-jin and 9 points for Jung Ji-yoon) to the opponent’s center line on Sunday.

    Due to this problem, Munhwa, who was suffering from fatigue fracture, returned to the game and started as a starter, but he was not a satisfied player either.

    Recently, GS Caltex’s fastballs fell to the bottom of the women’s team. Its success rate is 34.13 percent, which is about 3 percent lower than that of KGC. The difference is more than 10 percent from Korea Highway Corporation (48.83 percent). Team blocking is ranked second, but Kim Yu-ri is ranked eighth in the individual rankings, while other players are out of the rankings. Blockings are more visible in the side than in the center.

    The weakness in the center soon leads to difficulties in the dig situation. The central blockers’ role is to limit the opponent’s attack course to effective blocking rather than simply scoring a scoring run, thus making it easier for our team to get a dig. GS Caltex is the lowest in the women’s league this season.

    next week’s notice
    Heungkuk Life Insurance (Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul)
    vs IBK Enterprise Bank (Hwasung Sports Center)

    GS Caltex will start its sixth round with Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 13th and IBK Bank on the 16th. GS Caltex is continuing its race for spring volleyball with good performance this season. It’s really getting to the end now. In order to focus on the upward trend of GS Caltex, which has continued since last October, these two games are important.카지노

    The main character in February is the Korea Highway Corporation (K In February, he grabbed 3-0 in all three games and won consecutive games, eventually ranking third in the playoffs. The other team is especially meaningful as it is the top three teams of GS Caltex, Heungkuk Life Insurance and IBK Business Bank.

    With the advent of the second year setter Lee Won-jeong, the highway corporation has become able to play much more colorful. Compared to last season, the Korea Highway Corporation only has a new foreign Patu, but the play itself has not changed much. However, with Lee’s arrival, a change has occurred.

    Lee Won-jung has a completely different style from Lee Hyo-hee. The advantage is to save left and right side strikers. Meeting Lee Won-jeong, the two wing strikers Patut and Park Chung-ah began to rise. The upward trend of the road works started here.

    On Thursday, Lee Won-jeong started the game as a starter. However, there was an early shaking. Kim Jong-min, head of the Korea Highway Corporation, sent Lee Hyo-hee without hesitation. Veteran Lee Hyo-hee led the team to victory with a well-mixed operation.

    The “Team Style Change Through Setter Change,” which was not seen before by the Korea Highway Corporation, is expected to be a major weapon for the remaining round of road construction.

    The steady performance of the two passive lines, Moon Jung-won and Lim Myung-ok, which were not frequently mentioned, is the most promising achievement of the Korea Highway Corporation. In particular, Moon’s number of passive attempts in the season has surpassed 1,000 ( 1,040 as of July 11).

    This is a tremendous level, considering that even in men with the highest number of competitions, there are 800 competitors (note that in men, Hyundai Capital is number one with a total of 834 retive attempts). Moon has a 56.99 percent share in the team and 50.87 percent in efficiency.

    next week’s notice
    On the 13th, vs. KGC Insam Corporation (Daejon Chungmu Gymnasium)

    The three-game winning road will be completed successfully in the fifth round against KGC`s Insam Corporation on Tuesday. “I will not be negligent because my opponent is a losing team,” Kim Jong-min said after the game on Sunday. Although it is possible to gain the upper hand in road construction based on simple electricity, the problem is concentration. The Korea Highway Corporation lost three wins and one loss to KGC personnel this season. The first round of face-to-face matches was lost, but then all of them won. In particular, the two games won 3-0 in recent years.

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