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    The KGC has lost 14 consecutive games in the dark. Ever since Alena, a foreign man, was injured, she has been losing streak. After Alena returned from injury, she tried to break away from a series of defeats, but eventually failed.

    During successive defeats, the KGC manager Seo Nam-won often joked in the interview room, “There are no veteran players in our team.” It was a joke with hidden bones, which was meant to relieve the mood but could not be laughed at.

    Veteran. A loanword that means ‘a person who has long been engaged in a field and is skilled or experienced.’ With the weapon of experience, engineers who cope well under any circumstances can be called veterans.
    From a mere year-on-year perspective, KGC has quite a few players to call themselves veterans. Han Song-yi is registered with the launch of the program, Setter Lee Jae-eun, who made his professional debut in 2005, and Han Su-ji, a middle bloker who made his debut in 2006. 바카라
    However, Seo said, “There is no Bethear.”

    When the team is in a crisis, the first thing to look for on the part of the leader is the ‘experience’ of the veterans. For players who have already played many seasons, their bodies know how to play in such situations. I know better than young players who have low annual incomes. Leaders demand responsibility from such experienced players.

    At present, however, KGC’s court rarely sees veteran players who have to play the role. Other players besides Riviero Oh are not doing well. The reality is that new players are more interested in their performance.

    Veteran players should be able to trust other players based on their skills and bring the team together. Suh Nam-won, the coach of the Korean national team, said, “There are no players who can trust the team.”
    In particular, captain Han Soo-ji and Setter Lee Jae-eun’s record for starting pitchers has dropped significantly compared to the past few seasons. His performance during the losing streak was also disappointing. The two players are supposed to play the main role. Han Soo-ji has become the queen of women’s annual salary due to her non-season FA contract. Considering this, it is regrettable that Han-su’s. Setter Lee Jae-eun, who has always been pointed out as a problem, is facing problems again this year. The increasing frequency of crime due to the last minute of the game and the critical situation is also not like a veteran setter.

    During his series of defeats, Seo mentioned the two in person during an interview and urged them to be awakened. Suh said when he lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance on January 17, “They are the players who have to play a key role in the team. However, he failed to play his role properly. I don`t know what kind of players are afraid of. But even after saying this, their play didn’t get much better.

    The KGC has six more games to play. With a long series of defeats, only victory can appease the team’ However, the chance to end a series of defeats is just around the corner. To do this, the first thing we need to do is to have a team together. Players who are to be the mainstay should stand in front, appease the team and lead the players. Now, it’s time for the real ‘betteran’ to come out.

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