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    Recently, 13 teams in the men’s and women’s teams received an official request for cooperation from the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO). They are going to send a test fixture to the team, which asked them to tell the players about their characteristics, strengths and feelings.

    KOVO, which has been using a product made by a Korean manufacturer Star Sports since its launch in the V-League, is considering changing the stadium as a way to improve its competitiveness in international competitions. Currently, the competition hosted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) uses the products of Japan’s Mikasa. Volleyball can be used in the league by selecting one of many brands of the world’s most recognized by the International Volleyball Federation. Mikasa won the right to play by steadily sponsoring FIVB a large sum of money.

    ● Dilemma in fostering international competitiveness and native sports industry

    As star sports have been recognized by FIVB as well, there is no problem in using star products in the V-League. However, many pointed out that Korean players are having a hard time when they go to international competitions because their products have different characteristics. However, it was hard to give up the only Korean volleyball manufacturer’s products, which had been sponsoring the V-League for a long time.

    The reality is that even the V-League, if it ignores domestic balls, will affect the Korean native sports industry, which is losing ground due to더킹카지노
    global sports companies, and thus will have a harder time judging and making decisions. The sponsorship contract between KOVO and Star Sports is until 2020. With one more year left, KOVO has made a new demand for star sports as it cannot ignore the competitiveness of international competitions. I asked them to make balls that are as similar to those of Mikasa. This is the product that will be supplied to each team for “This product is more than 95% similar to Micah’s.” said a representative for KOVO.

    ● What is the difference between Mikasa and Starball?

    While modern technology may produce a product that is 100% completely imitated, Mikasa patented the dimple of balls (a bumpy surface made to affect the ball’s trajectory), color, and composition of eight pieces that make it into a round shape. For your information, a star creates a circular shape with 10 pieces.

    The difference between the star and the mikasa is that the senses Mikasa’s products are highly elastic, enabling aggressive volleyball. Because of this, it is much more difficult to get a Spike serve.” On the other hand, Floating serve said that it is harder to receive than Mikasa because there are more starball movements.

    The new ball for V-League players is designed to further narrow the gap between the two products. At first, we planned to give the ball to the players who frequently use it to check the difference, but now it is the V-League season, so we decided to send the ball to each team when the players are not called.

    KOVO and Star Sports believe that they will decide on new products before the Kobo Cup takes place in June and start mass production in line with the demands of the club. There is much to be prepared from now on for each team to use the new ball next season.

    If a new ball is confirmed, each team will have to throw away its old ball and buy a new one. Currently, the price of the stadiums used by professional players is 68,000 won. The club is subject to a discount price thanks to the premium of buying in bulk and being a professional team, but it still costs more than 50,000 won. One team uses 200 to 300 balls during the season. It costs at least 10 million won to 15 million won to buy a ball.

    The professional team carries three large barrels full of balls during training. Take the ball out of this barrel and beat it here and there. There are about 30 balls in a barrel While training and playing, the ball ends its life as the surface wears out. The average life span of a new ball in a professional team is three months. At the end of this period, the ball used by the nearby middle and high school teams is handed over. From this point on, the average volleyball player’s life is much longer than this because he uses it until the volleyball is finished.

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