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    Behind the gust of wind created by male volleyball teams, there is a “immigrant effect.”

    KB Insurance and Korea Electric Power Corporation are currently known as the “Red Pepper Paste Unit” in the V-League. Although the team has been pushed to sixth or seventh place, it is affecting the competition 바카라사이트
    for the top spot by holding onto the top team. Although the team is considered a weapon of the lower team’s bravery, the new faces that it recruited through the trade team have become completely melted into the team, and the team has a cohesive force to face the strong team. This is the background of the season’s last season.

    KB Insurance is making smart use of Left Kim Jung-ho and Jeong Dong-geun, both of whom were obtained from Samsung Fire. In particular, Kim Jong-ho has greatly increased his use of the Although he played only the role of one-point server in Samsung Fire, coach Kwon Soon-chan also actively uses Kim as an option In response, Kim Jong-ho has been living up to expectations by scoring double-digit goals with a high attack rate of 60 percent in two consecutive games.

    Jeong Dong-geun, who joined the team after finishing his military service at the managing division, is also a member of the group. Not only does the team’s chronic weakness, Resid, add stability, but it is also actively supporting the diversification of team attacks.

    KEPCO also balanced the two wing strikers as they matched up with Choi Hong-seok, who was brought from Woori Card. Although he has relied on the scoring ability of native ace Seo Jae-deok, he is currently working on a new scoring formula backed by Choi Hong-seok on the left. Thanks to him, Seo Jae-deok’s shoulders are much lighter. Choi Hong-seok, who has been categorized as a “lone of his best players” since Shin Young-chul took the helm, also served as an opportunity to regain his confidence. In other words, the right trade has made both the team and the players laugh.

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