What God Has For Me

Let no man take away!

My creativity comes in waves. Sometimes I can’t wait to share with the world what my wildest manifestation conjures up. But then….. there are times….I sit still. I lost my dad last year and I struggled to find my creative voice afterwards. It was also in the midst of this storm, God gave me a clear vision for the next phase in my life.

I appreciate the love and support for this website. This website was created to celebrate women in our community who may not have 5 million followers or a household name. This website was created to give value and a voice to those who may have felt their work was unnoticed. But we see you Sis! And we are proud of you. I appreciate every single person who took the time to allow me to tell their story. God just expanded this vision.

I started a nonprofit organization while “sitting still”. The AYA Collective, Inc ™ is a service organization dedicated to community building through resource sharing. We are a group of doers committed to impacting our surrounding communities by providing a service with the very talents God gave us. Whether our talent is to lead a financial literacy workshop, assist a job seeker in resume building, be an accountability partner on the road to wellness, or share our journey to homeownership; we believe with each small interaction we can make a major difference. If you are in the Atlanta area or would like join, donate your time and/or resources, please contact us: info@theayacollective.org

With God’s grace, I will continue to spotlight amazing women within our communities on this blog. The AYA is just a way to take this focus offline and into our local communities. I will also continue looking for guest bloggers! If interested: twistedcurlycool@gmail.com.

God has a calling over my life as He does for you. Keep fighting sis. We are in this together!


Catch this Wakanda Fever or Catch These Cyber Hands!


On Dora Milaje

Let me preface this by saying I love majority of Marvel movies. So OF COURSE I am an honorary member of the Panther tribe. I have probably read every write-up, analysis, and opinion piece regarding the movie and its characters. I find myself passing time during lunch laughing at  Wakanda tweets and memes. I love sharing my interpretation of the movie and hearing other honorary tribe members interpretation as well. And then there are……….the others.

What are you celebrating? Its not even a Black Film

Who. Hurt. You? No, seriously. How do you take something so powerful and turn it into something so negative. Do I think we all are supposed to enjoy the same things and share the same opinions about various forms of art? Absolutely not! But let folk have their moment.  Let folk have something! Let. People. Aspire.

If no one else feels you, I do. I am a proud HBCU alumna (October 3, 1887). I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods and I still bought my home in Southwest Atlanta….on purpose! I enjoy the scholarly writings of Cheikh Anta Diop. I still skim through the tattered pages of my Marcus Garvey’s Message to the People. I have yet to finish the movie Rosewood because it makes my nerves mad. And I still can’t stand Mista for what he did to Celie.  But I also understand that we are a diverse group of people.  I legit enjoy Kendrick on some days and Project Pat on others. Some of us are “woke” and some of us are just as efficient with a nice nap here and there.

I’m going to need you guys to have this same energy about the REAL Africa

Just stop! STOP IT!  STAHP!

There is someone right now who was so inspired by Black Panther, they researched the colonization of the Mother Continent’s people, resources, and land.  There’s someone so fascinated by the language, they googled the history and are currently learning basic words and phrases in isiXhosa . People are learning about powerful all-women warriors, peacemakers, and leaders inspired by their love for the Dora Milaje. People are placing their Essence Festival vacay on hold to finance their first vacation to the homeland. Let. People. Be. Great.

Yes! We know Wakanda is a fictional place. But so was Hillman. Can we deny the generational impact this “fictional college” had on HBCU enrollment? Let Okoye serve as this generation’s Lieutenant Uhuru.  Let these young babies see their brown skin as powerful leaders, warriors, healers, scientist, engineers.  Let. People. Dream. You never know where someone’s dream may take us within the next 10, 20, or 50 years.


Black Panther was an exhilarating break. And I refuse to hide my love for such an exceptional movie.  And yes, A Wrinkle in Time got next for the Morris Clan.

On Dora Milaje

Wakanda Forever


This Year is your Last Struggle Year

Journaling Out Loud

And 2013 was mines

I wasn’t finding adequate employment that matched my degrees. My husband hadn’t gotten the promotion he was on track for. And we had a 1 and 2 year old that required daycare while we worked during the day. Our daycare was twice the amount of our rent. And. We. Struggled. We always had a roof over our head, clothes on our back, food in the pantry, angels that would send us offerings of love, and utilities to keep us warm; but we had very little money left over for anything else. This destroyed me mentally because I took the time to get a Masters degree that I felt in that moment wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

In 2013, I felt it with every fiber in me that the struggle was real but my God was too.   I decided to live. To prosper. To thrive! Whatever I was insecure about I worked on. I began eating healthier and maintaining my weight. I took additional professional development courses to compete in a stiff job market.  I began inputting and outputting positive vibes and my life did a complete 180. I haven’t looked back since.

Step into your Season of Abundance

Whether you struggled financially, mentally, or emotionally, this year will be the last! It is now time to start protecting your peace. It is now time to start that journey of becoming debt-free. Now is the time to show the ones who matter the most you appreciate them.

This year will be your last struggle year and 2013 was mines.  God showed me that I was destined to live in abundance (spiritually and financially) and my situation was only temporary. I have been receiving His blessings of peace and prosperity ever since. So PROCLAIM IT! Now step into your season of abundance! It’s Lit!

Self-Reflection: It’s OK to Rest Sis.


Hi. I’m Mocha. I’m a Creator. A Doer. And I like to do “The Most”.

There is something so refreshing watching those in their creative element. To see their hard work appreciated through support of a concert, a show, a sale. I had the pleasure of seeing Tank and the Bangas perform live and It. Was. Everything! The energy was mesmerizing. And though I have NEVA met this woman in my life, I was so proud of her. To see the appreciation for her art inspired me.


RECHARGE. If you know anything about Mocha, you know Mocha is in her zone when she does “the most”. I have my hands in a little bit of everything. My ambition powers my soul. There is nothing that fuels me more than success. And my version of success has little to do with excessive monetary gain (though a sista prides herself on living comfortable) and everything to do with living up to my full potential. I have a hard time finding balance.  And I’m ok admitting that.


BE STILL. Lately, these words resided in my subconscious thoughts. The ancestors would probably say “God is trying to tell you something”. Sometimes I have to let the dust settle to see my next step towards my goal. My first indicator is always the feeling of being overwhelmed. Some take this feeling and abandon the very song of their heart. They begin chasing the feeling of complacency or doing just enough. But for me, the feeling of being overwhelmed just means I have to rework the hustle. It means a break is needed. It means my need to do “the most” is becoming exhausting mentally and physically.


SELF-REFLECTION. Invest in Yourself. Some  may see this phrase and relate it to money . But I am a firm believer that the most valuable resource you possess is time. What you choose to do with your time shapes your future. Grinding day and night is cool. Trust me if anyone gets it I do. But I am learning to STOP and celebrate my victories no matter how small. I am learning about balance and it’s importance to my journey of self-fulfillment.


As I danced to the pitch perfect harmonies that filled the illuminated skies, my soul became full. This journey brings uncertainty at times but nothing makes me more fulfilled than to continue. It was within this moment my conscience whispered Its OK to rest Sis. The vision became clearer afterwards.




If you are unfamiliar with the amazing band Tank and the Bangas check out the video below!

Dear Single Bitter Sistas

All single women aren’t bitter and all married women aren’t content. Mocha

As a married woman of almost 10 years, I know I am going to step on some toes. But there are some things that need to be said. First and foremost, I have never loved a man the way I love my husband. He is the most fascinating man I have ever met. My thoughts are in no way a reflection of where I am in  my marriage but it is an observation. An observation of urban culture’s assessment on a woman’s happiness based upon whether she can “keep a man” or if she has a husband.

Dear “Single Bitter Sistas”,

Karate chop the next person that calls you that in the THOTE. No not throat. THOTE! I am so sick and TIED of reading this foolery in the comment sections of every urban blog. I’m so tired of seeing men stoop low to this ignant phrase every time an intelligent conversation can’t be had. I’m so tired of women throwing around “at least I got a husband”……Ok Sis. And what do you have to do or put up with to keep him around. Oh. Too far? See I told you guys I was going to start stepping on toes.

A few of my closest friends are single and living their ABSOLUTE best life. Glowing left and right! Taking their vitamins, eating healthy, booty poking, stacking money.

But according to some of you guys, this life is not enough if a man isn’t included. And I beg to differ. Marriage is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. God really showed out when he blessed me with my amazing family! The lies I would be telling if I told you we haven’t had our trying times; but we prosper and always remember what God has destined for us. See you aren’t reading the thoughts of a married woman who’s had a rough relationship and she’s warning single women against marriage. Absolutely NOT!  But you are reading the thoughts of a secure married woman. A secure married woman who doesn’t have to one up somebody by reminding the next person “I got my ring, where’s yours?”

And can we cut to the chase? Some of these “husbands” need to be thrown away. Jesus needs to be a Hefty Extra Strong 33 gallon trash bag in some of your lives. There are some women out here who have aged 15 years stressed out about what their “husbands” could care less about taking them through. These same women are usually the main ones bragging to the next woman about her man trying to convince somebody other than herself she made the right decision. Hurt people Hurt people. Happy wives are too busy being happy to judge the next Sista. Yep I said that too!

Marriages are beautiful when they are healthy and stable and BOTH parties are committed to respect and loyalty. But a marriage isn’t something you can get off the shelf for $79.99. Finding the one destined for you takes time. So let these sistas take their time! This is their life and their business. And if they have observed the trashy way of the world and what a lot of women are suffering through just to stay married and decide against it…….That’s their business too!

And to my single Sistas. There are some amazing marriages because there are some really amazing men and women out here. That doesn’t mean they are without hardships. But not all married women are long suffering and “putting up” for the sake of. We aren’t all chasing down side chicks and giving our husbands a pass for impregnating the dental hygienist. A lot of us have healthy self-esteem and boundaries and our husbands LOVE that about us! You don’t have to lose who you are once you become a wife. And not all husbands require that of us along with being self-absorbed serial cheaters. There are some men out here who really cherish their wives  and kiss the earth she walks upon.

So to all of my Sistas. Let’s stop the separatism based upon relationship status. Let’s continue to lift each other up. We are our Sista’s Keeper! And to my “Single Bitter” Sistas. You betta keep slaying Sis! Keep discovering yourself. Keep thriving. We see you Sis and they do too.  Keep Glowing. Go Sis!



For my Sistas: Mother’s Day Edition


Being a mom has to be one of the most rewarding roles in my life. Having one boy and one girl gives me insight into both worlds.  With motherhood comes great responsibility. Hubby and I believe it is our responsibility to show our children “It’s possible”. There is no better way to do this than by example. I humbly serve as their blueprint.  I am so blessed to have positive male energy in my life especially my incredible husband and 6 year old son. But on Mother’s Day, I am always reflective of the fascinating women God chose for me.

I have an amazing tribe of women which includes sisters, aunts, friends, cousins, etc. But their are 4 amazing women in particular: my Grandmother (Mimi), my Mom, my Daughter, and my Sister.  These special ladies have always made it clear that I can never fall short as long as they are by my side. I can talk to my MiMi about anything and I live by her words of wisdom. My mom is the definition of ride or die. I can sell 2 legged dogs on the side of MLK and she’s going to make a sales pitch to her friends to buy one.

My sister is  my best friend. She gets me! We can talk about how institutional racism affects asset wealth within the black community or rap our favorite  2 Chainz verse LITERALLY 3 minutes later.   But, it is my 5 year old daughter who I look to for support the most. I am her first role model as a woman. She will first view the world through my eyes.  As she grows older, she will begin to develop opinions of her own. So I strive to be a woman she is proud of and an example of who she can aspire to be!

With all of that being said, I say Happy Mother’s Day Tribe! And for those who have an influential presence in someone’s life, this day is for you as well. We honor our ancestors and those influential around us for the wisdom, sweat, and tears poured into us. We love you! We adore you! We aspire to be you! There were times you felt you had nothing.  Yet you still managed to give your children EVERYTHING.  For that, you are appreciated and celebrated.

Even if you haven’t given birth, don’t minimize the difference you have made in someone’s life. Whether you are an aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, or volunteer with an organization; we appreciate your efforts in molding and shaping a young person’s life. 
 Sistas, during this celebration of you, take time to reflect upon what you have accomplished. But also remember there is always room for growth even as a Mother. Continue to pass along wisdom through guidance as your children’s reference point. Continue influencing, encouraging, and nurturing your children. Speak life and prosperity over your children. Be conscious of not passing along insecurities the world transferred to you. Love them for who they are and not who you want them to be. 
This Mother’s Day is for you. You are worthy of celebration. You did it. You are doing it! Day by Day. Step by Step. Minute by Minute. Happy Mother’s Day Sis! You are appreciated.
With Love,


Blessing Season: Spring Edition

Journaling Out Loud

It’s Blessing Season

Spring is here! There is something so powerful about when the seasons change. For me, Spring not only represents warmer weather; but it also represents a new season for growth. It’s Blessing Season. Blessing season is EVERY SEASON but I enjoy the ushering in of a new season and the endless opportunities in store.

Last week marked one month of launching Twisted Curly Cool. I am overwhelmed by the support and this is only the beginning of a long, prosperous, fulfilling journey.  I remember sitting in the car on lunch break last Tuesday and  thinking ‘Today is Transformation Tuesday’. What do I want God to transform in my life? What amount of energy am I willing to transfer to guarantee confirmed transformations?

My Testimony

I respect all people and their beliefs but I want others to know that the growth in my life is powered by God.   I remember sitting in my living room apartment  asking God to move in my life. I will never forget my husband was at work and the children were sound asleep. William Murphy’s song “It’s Working” began to play on my internet radio. A spirit took over me as I sat and cried and denounced all of the negativity I was holding onto in my life. I was bitter I completed a Master’s Degree and still trying to settle into a career. I was also suffering from Postpartum Depression and struggling financially with my newly accumulated student loan debt.  The goals I wanted to accomplish seemed so far away.

With tears in my eyes, I surrendered and began believing in the power God gave me. I decided to take control of my life. I wrote in my vision journal and implemented the plan. Within a year’s time, my credit increased 100+ points, I began to build savings, and  I bought my 1st home . I no longer entertained the negativity that consumed my thoughts. I began to vibrate  higher.

This is Your Season

It’s your Season! No longer will you stand on the sidelines and wonder “Why Me”. No longer will you be held captive by your “circumstances”. Life will sometimes knock the wind out of you. But how you recover is totally in your control. We all have a story. And I cry with you as I can only begin to think about what you have gone through.  BUT LOOK AT GOD!!! He’s not done with you yet!

Spring is here. Be inspired as the seasons change. Take advantage of the beautiful days ahead. Live in this moment. Top down. Wind in your hair. Secure your Blessings. Its Blessing Season.

East Atlanta Inspiration

With Love,